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Great dating profiles start with photos that show the real you. For dating…90% of responses on dating apps are based on your profile pictures. If you are frustrated and not getting the attention you want, it may be because you are using outdated, blurry, or low-quality photos that most likely are not showing your best self.

If you want more “likes” and matches, start with getting natural-looking photos from a professional photographer with an eye for capturing your unique character and spirit.

And… your photos can be used for other social media sites including business headshots, LinkedIn headshots, Instagram, and Facebook profile photos. Who says dates only come from online dating apps?

Social Media Profile Photos
& Business Headshots

Position yourself for success with fresh and natural-looking photos for your social media profile. For personal branding and marketing material, to update your social media profile photos on Facebook or Instagram, or a business headshot on LinkedIn or your resume. Get a variety of “looks” with different outfits and backgrounds, close up, environmental and add some black and white versions create a more creative feel to your profile.



About me...

As San Francisco Bay Area online dating profile photographer and social media headshot photographer, I bring to light your unique character, beauty, and depth.

I bring my creative vision to each photography project plus a lot of passion and energy. I have an eye for capturing your unique character, essence, and spirit. My photography experience spans over three decades, and through experience, I am able to see you and guide you through the photo shoot to make you shine.

I will walk you through poses and facial expressions (I know those can be a challenge). We will capture some amazing photos- and have lots of fun doing it! I help you relax and make the experience fun and easy. We set up a brainstorming call before each shoot to talk about different looks, thoughts you have and your wish list. Let’s talk!

Feel free to call me at 510.847.2753 or reach out below to schedule your photoshoot. I look forward to connecting!


“Thank you so much! The photos you took were great! They’re getting me a lot of matches on Tinder”


“I have always struggled to feel comfortable and relaxed in front of the camera. Jade made the experience so easy for me! She is an amazing photographer and an absolute pleasure to work with! We joked and laughed, and had so much fun! I felt like myself and my pictures reflected this. Thank you so much for my photos. I LOVE them!! I really enjoyed working with you. I had such a fun day! I’ll definitely recommend you to all my friends.”


I contacted Jade to update photos both professional and personal. Taking pictures is not a natural thing for me so I thought it best to outsource to a professional. The biggest thing about my experience with Jade is how natural she made me feel in an uncomfortable environment. I really appreciated her attitude during the photoshoot and the pictures came out fantastic. I couldn’t be happier with the experience.


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