Business Headshots

Natural-looking Business Headshots and Social Media Profile Photos that make you look great and set the right tone for your Linkedin headshot, Facebook, website, resume as well as all your marketing material.


Social Media Profiles & Headshot Headshots: $450

  • 1-hour photoshoot
  • 50+ images presented in an online gallery
  • 2 of your top choice lightly retouched

For Linkedin or your resume, personal branding, marketing material, a new business opportunity or to update your social media profile photos, position yourself for success with fresh, modern social media portraits. Get a variety of “looks” with different outfits and backgrounds. The photos will be provided to you in a gallery to see and once you choose your top two, you can download those top images in low-resolution and high-resolution jpg files to post on your dating profiles.

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Here are some frequently asked questions…

What do I wear?

Wear what’s natural and comfortable for you. What would you wear to work or an interview? Would it be casual or dressy? Wear what makes you feel good and confident. People are attracted to confidence. Is there an outfit or two that you get a compliments on? Wear that.

Where do I change?

When we are shooting outdoors, my clients change in any public restrooms we can find such as park restrooms, restaurant restrooms, hotel restrooms, or our vehicles (if you’re ok with that). If we are shooting at my studio, or at an indoor location than you will have a designated private area to change.

What happens if it rains?

Overcast weather is actually ideal for shooting. If it happens to rain on the day, we’ll find an indoor spot. I have lots of ideas. Regardless, we can have a conversation the day before the shoot to see what would work best.

What happens if I’m not photogenic

I have heard this many times. Lots of clients arrive for their photo shoot saying the aren’t photogenic, haven’t had their photos taken in a long time, and/or are camera shy or hate having their photos taken. I empathise 100%, and have had many of those feelings when I have my photo taken. I’ve been photographing clients for a while now, so I’m really good at helping you relax, finding your best angle and guiding you through the poses. That’s my specialty.

The key to capturing you at your best is making you feel comfortable and relaxed. I tend to aim for natural-looking and candid photos vs rigid, frozen pictures. Our photoshoot is playful and we talk and in the process, I catch a candid smile or laugh.

Will I get close up & full body shots?

I will take your lead on how many shoulders up photos you would like and how many three-quarter or full body. You may want some for your website that are horizontal. During the photoshoot we can discuss the various places you need to photos and we’ll get you exactly what you need.

What can I do to prepare?

Being relaxed is the most important thing! Have your favorite music ready to listen to or I have Spotify and can get that going for us. Get a good night’s sleep before the shoot. Maybe get a haircut and style your hair in your favorite way. Women bring makeup that makes you look your best and to freshen up during the shoot. Men bring moisturizer or any items to freshen up as well, a comb is always helpful! Talk to me about brining in a hair and makeup stylist. This will really make a difference.


What happy clients are saying…

“I wholeheartedly recommend Jacqueline to anyone looking for social media photos. During the shoot, she knew exactly what to do and worked efficiently to get a variety of different shots. She is patient and outgoing. She made the experience totally fun and comfortable. I had a great time and am so glad I found her. She was awesome.”

— Elaine, Walnut Creek

“Jacqueline is Awesome! I was very impressed with her passion, technical skills, and personality. She captured the magic of the moment in our photoshoot, and I love how natural my pictures turned out. I had taken professional headshots before but I was really impressed with Jacqueline’s work. With her focus 100% on me, I felt relaxed, at ease and was truly able to enjoy the experience. The result was a group of photos that were the best and most diverse that I’ve seen of myself. Thank you, Jacqueline, for capturing how I see myself! Also, Jacqueline provides digital images, which was a very important thing to me. Thank you, Jacqueline, for some amazing pictures!”

— Katie, Aptos

“Everything about working with Jacqueline was fabulous! She is extremely professional and so easy to work with… from the initial phone call to set a date, to my final photos that included both LinkedIn headshots and social media photos. I am SO happy that I found Jacqueline. I felt so comfortable during the photo shoot. Jacqueline was great at choosing a spot that gave the portraits dynamic backgrounds and was also so helpful in helping me figure out what clothing and jewelry I brought would look best in the photos.”

— Lily, Brooklyn

Jacqueline was an absolute pleasure to work with and I felt in very good hands utilizing her photography services for my professional headshot and website photos. Jacqueline has a very passionate spirit and it comes out in her meticulous nature, her attention to detail and her on-the-spot creative brainstorming. It was my first time taking professional photos and she thought of all the little details I never would have considered. My photos came out looking gorgeous and I am very grateful!

— Anna, Walnut Creek

Jacqueline captured a side of me that made me look fabulous, confident and emulated the exact vibe I was hoping to portray. She is one of those professionals you feel like you’ve known forever and as a client that’s exactly what is necessary in order to have the most genuine of expressions brought out. I worked with her on an extended package and was able to get some really great social media photos including pics for my new business website and a great instagram profile photo. If your looking for an online dating photographer, Jacqueline is the person to go to! Her effortless way of making me feel so comfortable on the opposite side of the camera put my mind at ease. As a photographer myself, I am extremely critical of the way the photos should turn out and how I feel while standing in front of the camera. Thank you Jacqueline!

— Nicole

Jacqueline has the eye of an artist and the execution of a true professional. How rare is that? I needed new headshots and, being a true introvert, had avoided booking a session for weeks and weeks. When I finally contacted Jacqueline she was very personable and responsive. So much so I was actually looking forward to the shoot, and the experience greatly exceeded my expectations.

Jacqueline immediately put me at ease and worked really efficiently to capture business and personal looks. I picked JN because I love the way many different personality-types all pop out in her portfolio. The pictures she crafted for me were fantastic! I have referred family, friends and colleagues and would definitely book JN again. Stop searching and book Jacqueline now. You will be very happy you did!

— Doug

Jacqueline is a gem! She has a magical way of capturing individual personalities in her work. Jacqueline gave me great advice on choosing the best social media photos to post online. I would absolutely recommend Jacqueline (she’s a very sweet person as well!).

— Ketzia, Berkeley

I needed a new professional portrait to highlight my new art rep position and add it to my website. Jacqueline went above and beyond researching poses, and discussing backgrounds and lighting with me. She helped scout locations & suggest poses. She was so professional and made me feel so comfortable during the process, I think that made all the difference. We shot in two locations and the images turned out great! I had a hard time deciding which shots to use. We reviewed the images and how they came across, and together we choose 4 and I use them on all my social media, web and soon print too. I highly recommend Jacqueline, she went way above my expectations!

— Robin