The Monalisa & Manalisa: The science and psychology behind a smile.

To smile or not to smile, that is the question… As a professional online dating profile photographer, I love creating happy, natural, relaxed-looking photos that make you look great and show your character. I did some research on expressions and smiles and here is what I discovered… Smiling makes you inviting, approachable and irresistible. The smile I’m… Read more

Hello Wow Factor!

90% of online dating responses are based on your profile photos alone. I suspect most of you want a great look that says I am a quality person – warm, friendly, engaging and attractive. This is what your profile pictures needs to show. I want you to literally jump off the page and stand out from the sea of dating photos on… Read more

Which is the best app to choose?

Any site that you choose to go on, and follow up on, is the best one. I’m an advocate of choosing which ones you like best and diving in. Whether its the interface, the quality of people you find on the app, the amount of information it provides you about the person. Either on free or paid… Read more