Here are some frequently asked questions…
Think of our photoshoot as a fun afternoon taking pictures.

Wear what’s natural and comfortable for you. What would you wear on a first date? Would it be casual or dressy? Wear what makes you feel goo and confidence. People are attracted to confidence. Is there an outfit or two that you get a compliments on? Wear that.

When we are shooting outdoors, my clients change in any public restrooms we can find such as park restrooms, restaurant restrooms, hotel restrooms, or our vehicles (if you’re ok with that). If we are shooting at my studio, or at an indoor location than you will have a designated private area to change.

Overcast weather is actually ideal for shooting. If it happens to rain on the day, we’ll find an indoor spot. I have lots of ideas. Regardless, we can have a conversation the day before the shoot to see what would work best.

I have heard this many times Maybe you do look attractive in photos if the right person is taking them. My job is to find your best angle and guide you through the process. That’s my specialty.

I recommend having at least one close up shot along with a full body shot, and what we call in the industry ¾ length shots. That means photographs from head to mid thigh. I like to get images of you looking into the camera, so we can see directly into your eyes and also some that are more candid and not directly looking into the camera. We’ll get a variety of photos.

Being relaxed is the most important thing! Have your favorite music ready to listen to or I have Spotify and can get that going for us. Get a good night’s sleep before the shoot. Maybe get a haircut and style your hair in your favorite way. Women bring makeup that makes you look your best and to freshen up during the shoot. Men bring moisturizer or any items to freshen up as well, a comb is always helpful! Talk to me about brining in a hair and makeup stylist. This will really make a difference.

Location: what do you want to convey about yourself. That’s what we’ll figure out when we chat before the shoot. Clothing: wearing what looks good on you and what you feel comfortable in. Expression: this doesn’t need to be too thought out, I have a pinterest board and reference for us to look at.

Absolutely yes! Models and actors do it. So you can too if your up to it! Play in front of the mirror and see what kind of smile suits you best. If that feels weird, no worries, I will be there to guide you. If you are.. I will guide you along the way for sure.

There are all kinds of smiles, subtle, big smile, the “say cheese” smile, closed mouth smile. We’ll good capture a variety of different expressions.

We’ll experiment with many looks and come up with the right one for you. Download my free guide to get some more details.