Which is the best app to choose?

by Jade

Any site that you choose to go on, and follow up on, is the best one. I’m an advocate of choosing which ones you like best and diving in. Whether its the interface, the quality of people you find on the app, the amount of information it provides you about the person. Either on free or paid sites and apps, it’s your dating photos, that people are primarily going to look at. And…we DO judge a book by its cover and the photos that are more flattering, get more attention.

90% of responses on free dating sites are based on your primary profile photo. How many connections are you making online? If it’s fewer than you want, you should consider posting better pictures..

If you want better results, then show them your very best – your smile, your height, your personality. That’s where I come in. I am a San Francisco online dating profile photographer.

As a professional photographer, I know how to capture your authentic self while you’re looking your best. Visit my portfolio to see what’s possible.