Online Dating Profile Photographer

Whether you’re new to dating or not, a new set of dating site photos will help give you the advantage to play in the dating world with confidence. Feel free to bring some items like a yoga mat, headphones, your cool bicycle, a favorite book…anything that shows your personality and interests!


Online Dating Photoshoot: $700

  • 2-hour photoshoot
  • You will receive ALL the images in your gallery (100+) in high resolution
  • Choose your top 6 and I will lightly retouch and edit them
  • 30-minute pre-photoshoot consultation call to help prepare for your photoshoot
  • Clients can usually include around five different outfit changes during this time

This includes a well-rounded gallery of images and a variety of outfit changes, and unique backgrounds, along with time to get comfortable in front of the lens. The photos will be provided to you in both low-resolution and high-resolution .jpg files to post on your dating profiles. We can also include one or two black and white versions to give your online dating profile some variety.


Say hello, let’s talk…

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Here are some frequently asked questions…

What do I wear?

When we are shooting outdoors, my clients change in any public restrooms we can find such as park restrooms, restaurant restrooms, hotel restrooms, or our vehicles (if you’re ok with that). If we are shooting at my studio, or at an indoor location than you will have a designated private area to change.

Where do I change?

When we are shooting outdoors, my clients change in any public restrooms we can find such as park restrooms, restaurant restrooms, hotel restrooms, or our vehicles (if you’re ok with that). If we are shooting at my studio, or at an indoor location than you will have a designated private area to change.

What happens if it rains?

Overcast weather is actually ideal for shooting. If it happens to rain on the day, we’ll find an indoor spot. I have lots of ideas. Regardless, we can have a conversation the day before the shoot to see what would work best.

Will I get close up & full body shots?

I recommend having at least one close up shot along with a full body shot, and what we call in the industry ¾ length shots. That means photographs from head to mid thigh. I like to get images of you looking into the camera, so we can see directly into your eyes and also some that are more candid and not directly looking into the camera. We’ll get a variety of photos.

What can I do to prepare?

Being relaxed is the most important thing! Have your favorite music ready to listen to or I have Spotify and can get that going for us. Get a good night’s sleep before the shoot. Maybe get a haircut and style your hair in your favorite way. Women bring makeup that makes you look your best and to freshen up during the shoot. Men bring moisturizer or any items to freshen up as well, a comb is always helpful! Talk to me about brining in a hair and makeup stylist. This will really make a difference.

“I don’t think I’m photogenic”

I have heard this many times Maybe you do look attractive in photos if the right person is taking them. My job is to find your best angle and guide you through the process. That’s my specialty.

Should I practice my expression?

Absolutely yes! Models and actors do it. So you can too if your up to it! Play in front of the mirror and see what kind of smile suits you best. If that feels weird, no worries, I will be there to guide you. If you are.. I will guide you along the way for sure.

Do I need to smile?

There are all kinds of smiles, subtle, big smile, the “say cheese” smile, closed mouth smile. We’ll good capture a variety of different expressions.

We’ll experiment with many looks and come up with the right one for you. Download my free guide to get some more details.

Key things to consider

Location: what do you want to convey about yourself. That’s what we’ll figure out when we chat before the shoot. Clothing: wearing what looks good on you and what you feel comfortable in. Expression: this doesn’t need to be too thought out, I have a pinterest board and reference for us to look at.


What happy clients are saying…

“Beyond impressive… Jacqueline is the best! I had worked with a photographer to get online dating photos not long ago, and I am SO much happier with Jacqueline’s photos. Also, the experience was a blast! I had a great time during the photoshoot. I was well prepared, Jacqueline did a fantastic job of guiding me on what to wear, and brainstorm about what to bring, and on creative locations to photograph. She also helped me feel relaxed, which is critical to getting good photos. What a positive experience all-around, I highly recommend working with Jacqueline!”

— Colin, San Francisco

It was an amazing photoshoot session with Jade. She had me ready for everything that I would need to bring with full details on what we will be doing + meeting location.

I am not the most confident person in front of cameras. Jade designed the entire photoshoot around my comfort level and stayed patient, no matter how many shots it took.

She really knows all the great spots for the best pictures. I got far more pictures than I had expected + all the pictures are way better than anything I had. I should have done it way sooner. I have already spoken to my friends about Jade and would recommend her to anyone thinking or already doing online dating.

— Mohit, San Jose

“I’m not very comfortable in front of the camera but Jacqueline’s personality put me right at ease. I had a great experience working with Jacqueline for a combination of some online dating profile pics and business headshots. She has a great eye for composition. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for professional quality profile pics.”

— Christina, Oakland

Jacquelyn is amazing! We took a variety of indoor and outdoor shots for my online dating profile and to use as a professional headshot, and I love how they came out. Jacquelyn has an eye for the lighting and environment that will highlight your best features. She’s also very friendly and conversational and makes the process of taking the photos exciting. I feel lucky to have found her website while searching for Bay Area photographers and would recommend her to anyone interested in some high quality photos.

— Arthur

Jacqueline captured a side of me that made me look fabulous, confident and emulated the exact vibe I was hoping to portray. She is one of those professionals you feel like you’ve known forever and as a client that’s exactly what is necessary in order to have the most genuine of expressions brought out. I worked with her on an extended package and was able to get some really great social media photos including pics for my new business website and a great instagram profile photo. If your looking for an online dating photographer, Jade is the person to go to! Her effortless way of making me feel so comfortable on the opposite side of the camera put my mind at ease. As a photographer myself, I am extremely critical of the way the photos should turn out and how I feel while standing in front of the camera. Thank you Jacqueline!

— Nichole, Oakland