As a social media photographer, I love creating happy, natural looking photos that make you look great and set the right tone for your social media and online dating profiles. I am driven by my passion for giving men and woman the best photo possible.

My photography is a blend of environmental portraiture, lifestyle along with studio sessions. By creating a relaxed atmosphere, I am able to capture the unique spark I believe we all have inside. It’s my goal to showcase what makes you special and unique.

During our shoot, we can take a variety of shots, both candid and natural poses, that can be used on all social media platforms including Instagram, Facebook along with online dating apps.

As 90% of online dating responses are based on your profile photos alone, your photos matter! The photos you post on your dating profiles don’t just show people what you look like, they give clues about what kind of person you are and what lifestyle you lead. For online dating photos... It’s my goal to bring out the real you… I want your potential partner to feel like s/he is looking into your and gets your true character.

Get a variety of “looks” with different outfits and backgrounds, some close up and some that show you in an environment, some that are artsy, maybe black and white. Creating natural looking photos can be fun!  


Having a professional headshot in the business world today is essential. By confidently communicating who you are, you can more easily find what you are looking for. Whether partnering with companies for polished yet natural employee photos, or with individuals to create personal yet professional images, I am passionate about helping people get the best photo possible.

The alchemy of capturing you in the best angle along with the depth of your character is my focus during the photoshoot.


• 2-hour photo shoot
• Up to 5 outfit changes
• Includes ALL the images in your gallery (usually 40-60), plus your top 6 lightly retouched.

Cost: $650

Time goes by quick. The longer photoshoot is ideal for those looking to have a well rounded gallery of images and includes more outfit changes, time to get get varied backgrounds, along with more time to get comfortable in front of the lens. The extended package also includes high resolution files for all images presented in the gallery.


• 60 minute photo-shoot
• 2+ outfit changes
• Includes 15 high res images posted to your gallery plus your top 3 lightly retouched.

Cost: $450



• 30 minute photo-shoot
• 2+ outfit changes
• Includes 3 high res images posted to your gallery plus your top 2 lightly retouched.

Cost: $325

This option is best for headshots and business profiles.


For options 1 & 2, the first step is a brainstorming call to talk about what your looking for, i.e. places that may best fit your personality, outfits, what to bring and more.

Package can be fully customized to suit your needs. Costs vary depending on number of photos required, outfit changes, final photos, retouching requirements. Contact me directly, I am happy to provide an estimate.