The Monalisa & Manalisa: The science and psychology behind a smile.


To smile or not to smile.. That is one of the questions we cover during our shoot.

As a professional business headshot photographer and online dating profile photographer, I love creating happy, natural, relaxed-looking photos that make you look great and show your character. I did some research on expressions and smiles and here is what I discovered…

Smiling makes you inviting, approachable and irresistible. The smile I’m talking about is not about that grammer school picture day smile. There are so many different kinds of smiles. Big smiles, subtle smiles, a hint of a smile, a playful smile, a flirtatious smile. The list goes on. I call one of my favorites the “Monalisa” for woman, and “Manalisa” for men. It works for both my online dating and also business profile photos, as often, clients will use their photos taken during our time for a LinkedIn headshot, Corporate headshot and business profile photo.

You can always go for the “Magnum” to create a humorous tone…During our photoshoot, I will guide you to show me different expressions, “smile” can mean a lot of different things. Looking into the camera or looking slightly away, showing teeth or not.. Read this guide to find out how to make the most of your photoshoot. Love_Your_Photos_Smile_Guide and if your specifically looking for online dating profile photos, visit my website dedicated to helping you with the best photos for your online dating profile.