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What happy clients are saying…


“Thank you so much! The photos you took were great! They’re getting me a lot of matches on Tinder”—George


“I have always struggled to feel comfortable and relaxed in front of the camera. Jade made the experience so easy for me! She is an amazing photographer and an absolute pleasure to work with! We joked and laughed, and had so much fun! I felt like myself and my pictures reflected this. Thank you so much for my photos. I LOVE them!! I really enjoyed working with you. I had such a fun day! I’ll definitely recommend you to all my friends.”—Nichole

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I contacted Jade to update photos both professional and personal. Taking pictures is not a natural thing for me so I thought it best to outsource to a professional. The biggest thing about my experience with Jade is how natural she made me feel in an uncomfortable environment. I really appreciated her attitude during the photoshoot and the pictures came out fantastic. I couldn’t be happier with the experience.—Josh


“Beyond impressive… Jade is the best! I had worked with a photographer to get online dating photos not long ago, and I am SO much happier with Jade photos. Also, the experience was a blast! I had a great time during the photoshoot. I was well prepared, Jade did a fantastic job of guiding me on what to wear, and brainstorm about what to bring, and on creative locations to photograph. She also helped me feel relaxed, which is critical to getting good photos. What a positive experience all-around, I highly recommend working with Jade !” —Colin

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“Everything about working with Jade was fabulous! She is extremely professional and so easy to work with… from the initial phone call to set a date, to my final photos that included both LinkedIn headshots and social media photos. I am SO happy that I found Jade. I felt so comfortable during the photo shoot. Jade was great at choosing a spot that gave the portraits dynamic backgrounds and was also so helpful in helping me figure out what clothing and jewelry I brought would look best in the photos.”— Lily


“The shoot was effortless and the photos turned out great. Jade is an amazingly talented photographer and rock-solid professional! I highly recommend her and her services. As someone who tends to freeze up in front of cameras, photoshoots can be stressful. But Jade did an awesome job of making the shoot relaxed and effortless. Between shots, we chatted about anything and everything, which really helped take my mind off of the camera and just enjoy the moment. As a result, the photos she delivered feel natural and editorial. Looks like I have some new profile pictures for LinkedIn and Instagram!”— Kurt


“I wanted some good photos for my dating profile. All my photos were old, and the newer ones were selfies or group shots. None of these would work. I didn’t want professional or staged photos, so at a certain point, I was ready to have a friend walk around and take photos with my cell phone …but I wanted really GOOD photos. I’m very picky, but it’s hard for me to feel relaxed when someone is taking my photo.

I decided to try Yelp. I skipped all the photographers who did great work, but their shots looked over-produced and looked “paid for”. I skipped over others because the pics looked really awkward and posed. Then I found Jade’s page. Her website had what I was looking for. Not just one, but many shots that were not only gorgeous but natural. I was still a bit nervous but I reached out anyway. Jade responded back right away and within minutes, I felt she knew exactly what I was looking for. She had a few packages to choose from, and I decided to go with a 2-hour session. She offered several choices for the venue, then made some suggestions for clothes, etc.

10 minutes into meeting Jade at a small breakfast cafe, I felt at ease. It was not at all what I expected from a photo session. She made some suggestions and helped me to relax and smile (I tend to look a little sad or angry if I don’t watch myself!). Just little hints and suggestions from Jade, mixed with talking about what I wanted, made time go by quickly. I posed for some shots and many were simply spontaneous as we chatted and roamed around the area. Do you ever have a conversation with someone that just “clicks” and you feel like you could talk all day? This is what happened with Jade… she has a relaxed and fun personality, and she was just “present”. I found myself much more comfortable than even if a friend were taking pics. I also knew right away that she really knew her stuff (lighting, angles, poses). Time flew by and the pics were just getting better and better. My only regret? that there wasn’t a 4-hour package!

Her prices are very reasonable but I would have paid double and still been happy. I’ve already recommended two of my friends see Jade. I can’t help but want to keep her just my little secret, but I would be even happier if I knew I could help others discover her!”— Dan


“Jade is Awesome! I was very impressed with her passion, technical skills, and personality. She captured the magic of the moment in our photoshoot, and I love how natural my pictures turned out. I had taken professional headshots before but I was really impressed with Jade’s work. With her focus 100% on me, I felt relaxed, at ease and was truly able to enjoy the experience. The result was a group of photos that were the best and most diverse that I’ve seen of myself. Thank you, Jade, for capturing how I see myself! Also, Jade provides digital images, which was a very important thing to me. Thank you, Jade, for some amazing pictures!”— Katie


“Had an amazing session with Jade. She was professional, patient, and fun to work with. The photos came out great. She took the time and spent a few hours with me making sure we get the best photos possible. I will go to her for my future photography needs as well.”— Yousef


“Wow, I liked every single photo. That is truly not a small task!! You made me look gorgeous!!! Really never has anyone been able to capture me like that before!! Thank you for taking the time to find the perfect angles and lighting and considering the different types of shots. I love the photos – thanks again so much!!”— Alex

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“Jade captured a side of me that made me look fabulous, confident and emulated the exact vibe I was hoping to portray. She is one of those professionals you feel like you’ve known forever and as a client that’s exactly what is necessary in order to have the most genuine of expressions brought out. I worked with her on an extended package and was able to get some really great social media photos including pics for my new business website and a great Instagram profile photo. If you are looking for an online dating photographer, Jade is the person to go to! Her effortless way of making me feel so comfortable on the opposite side of the camera put my mind at ease. As a photographer myself, I am extremely critical of the way the photos should turn out and how I feel while standing in front of the camera. Thank you, Jade!”— Nicole


I had a great experience working with Jade for a combination of business headshots and some online dating profile pics. I’m not very comfortable in front of the camera but Jade personality put me right at ease. She was equally comfortable with the business shots and the more casual ones – and has a great eye for composition. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for professional quality shots.—Christina


Jade is a consummate professional, while at the same time being boisterous and effervescent. Now that I’ve been through a photoshoot, she makes being photographed something to look forward to. She approaches every shot with style and aplomb. She’s really good at knowing when to snap the camera to capture the exact expression that really showed my personality. She goes above and beyond what I would expect any other photographer to do. It was a great experience!—Griffen


Jade was an absolute pleasure to work with and I felt in very good hands utilizing her photography services for my professional headshot and website photos. Jade has a very passionate spirit and it comes out in her meticulous nature, her attention to detail and her on-the-spot creative brainstorming. It was my first time taking professional photos and she thought of all the little details I never would have considered. My photos came out looking gorgeous and I am very grateful!—Anna


“I have just received the pictures and I really like them! I think they came out great. Thank you for the wonderful photo shoot.”—Asif


“Jade is a talented artist and lovely to work with. We shot on location at the Layette Reservoir. I love the photos and can’t wait to work with her again!”—Alea


“I had a photoshoot with Jade recently, and I had a wonderful experience. Not only was the shoot fun and well directed with beautiful surroundings, but the photos themselves turned out fantastic! She is a fantastic photographer, and really captured what I was looking for in the photos. I give my highest recommendation! 5 stars! ”—Ian


I needed some business head shots taken, so I searched the web for local photographers. I was drawn to Jade web site for the straightforward information and friendly approach. I reached out to Jade and she responded right away. After the initial phone consultation, I felt very at ease. This good feeling continued on the day of the shoot. Jade is adept at making you feel relaxed and she has a true gift for light. I am so happy with the end result — I had so many choices in images that it was difficult to decide which shots to go with. I highly recommend Jade!—Jen


We hired Jade for social media photography and she was an absolute delight to work with. She was prompt, punctual and highly professional while still being super fun and friendly. Striking an ideal balance between listening to our suggestions while offering her own experience and expertise, the results were excellent. I would recommend Jade to anyone needing a photographer without hesitation.—Don


I hired Jade to assist with photos for a simple corporate / Linkedin headshot and had debated whether or not to hire a professional. I am so glad I chose Jade! I  was only in the Bay Area for a few days and needed a quick turnaround. She replied promptly, gave clear instructions for what to expect during the session and what was included in her fee; (She even sent info for suggested hair and make-up locations nearby).

Jade combined a skillful eye of a photographer and fine artist to help me get the desired results. I can say without hesitation that I got much more than what I anticipated from this simple project. I am camera-shy and I actually had a great time!  Her warmth and personality immediately put me at ease in front of the camera — very relaxed but efficient.  Her fees are extremely reasonable given her work quality and I got my proofs and final selection returned on the SAME day of the shoot – extraordinary.  Thank you Jade! I look forward to working with you in the future.—Florence


I really enjoyed my photo shoot with Jade! She took the time to understand my personality and planned out a variety of venues and outfits. During the shoot, she was so welcoming and easy to get along with that it felt like a friend was taking my pictures. After the shoot, she sent me the full set of images with edits within a couple days. I look forward to working with Jade again soon!—Rohan


Jade is amazing! We took a variety of indoor and outdoor shots for my online dating profile and to use as a professional headshot, and I love how they came out. Jade has an eye for the lighting and environment that will highlight your best features. She’s also very friendly and conversational and makes the process of taking photos exciting. I feel lucky to have found her website while searching for Bay Area photographers and would recommend her to anyone interested in some high-quality photos.—Arthur


Jade has the eye of an artist and the execution of a true professional. How rare is that? I needed new headshots and, being a true introvert, had avoided booking a session for weeks and weeks. When I finally contacted her, she was very personable and responsive. So much so I was actually looking forward to the shoot, and the experience greatly exceeded my expectations. Jade immediately put me at ease and worked really efficiently to capture business and personal looks. I picked Jade because I love the way many different personality types all pop out in her portfolio. The pictures she crafted for me were fantastic! I have referred family, friends, and colleagues and would definitely book Jade again. Stop searching and book Jade now. You will be very happy you did.—Douglas


Jade is a very talented photographer — especially for people, like me, who may not feel as comfortable in front of the lens! She had lots of helpful guidance on clothing and location. The final photos hit the mark – they captured my best self while also looking natural and not too “done up.” Highly recommend her!—Merril


Jade was fantastic. We had a decent-sized group of folks (11 people) and she came and spent the afternoon with us on-site. She worked with me to scout good locations, ultimately capturing both an indoor and outdoor shot for everyone in the group. She was patient with our array of folks and worked well with everyone to ensure they would get a shot they liked. She also did a great job of taking the lead to capture some environmental shots of our office. It was really nice to be able to defer to her eye here — she moved us about the space well and captured some great at-work shots. We weren’t exactly sure what we wanted here, but Jade did a really nice job of taking charge and capturing both ourselves and space. Capturing the pictures we didn’t even know we wanted is why he hired a professional photographer, and Jade was exactly what we were looking for. She also was wonderful with handling a few special requests — one of our group needed some headshots immediately, and she was able to get some great first photos back to him in just a day and a half over the weekend so he could send them off. The next time we need photos taken, we would happily hire Jade again!—Pat


Jade took some professional headshots for me in order to update my Linkedin profile. I was very satisfied with the experience because I was able to discuss poses, lightning and expressions before I met her in person. During the photoshoot, I felt very confident that the final photo would look great because she is very detail-oriented and perfectionist – which in my opinion is very good trait for this profession. I would highly recommend Jade to any professional who worries about your image on Linkedin.—Rodrigo


I really enjoyed the photoshoot with Jade and not surprisingly, the photos that I eventually got are better than I had expected.  She is not only a very professional photographer, but is also very easy going and was able to patiently guide me through the photoshoot session. She really made it a lot easier for me as I tend to be nervous and awkward in front of the camera. She is also very responsive in communication throughout the whole experience. I got the photos the day after the photoshoot. I would definitely recommend to a friend.—Danjii


Jade was fantastic. By far the best experience I have had for a headshot. She was super easy going and everything about it was easy. From finding the day, coordinating the location. I got the final photos the very same day, which was amazing. The shoot itself was fun and relaxed. Not only is Jade a pro, she is also a lovely person. Great experience, highly recommend.—Victoria


I needed a new professional portrait to highlight my new art rep position and add it to my website. Jade went above and beyond researching poses, and discussing backgrounds and lighting with me. She helped scout locations & suggest poses. She was so professional and made me feel so comfortable during the process, I think that made all the difference. We shot in two locations and the images turned out great!  I had a hard time deciding which shots to use. We reviewed the images and how they came across, and together we choose 4 and I use them on all my social media, web and soon print too. I highly recommend Jade, she went way above my expectations! —Robin


Jaqueline did an excellent job on my professional headshots. She is a delight to work with, and a true artist. As a designer myself, I appreciate professionals who bring something more to the table than mere competence. And she came through with flying colors.

Her fees are competitive, and in fact reasonable, for such outstanding work. She went the extra mile in preparation for the shoot. I also appreciated her working with me in advance of the shoot, and her making necessary changes and adjustments, as the shoot progressed. Most importantly she provided me with images that capture who I am, and project the right image for my profession. I highly recommend Jade Photography for your personal or professional photography needs.—Ron

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“My experience with Jade was so much more than getting a few photos taken. I was surprised at how much fun I had preparing for the session and I loved Jade’s helpful tips in thinking through clothing choices, colors, hair and makeup – it gave me just the prompting I needed to take some time out for myself that day. I really enjoyed that! The session itself was easy and relaxing as Jade draws you into sharing a bit about what the photos will be used for – she’s a natural at coaching and boosting your confidence – so smiles came very easily. Her optimism made a mark on me! Lastly – can’t say enough about the quality of the photos – absolutely love how these turned out!” —Alka


I LOVE all the photos Jade took of me!! I also really enjoyed working with her. I had such a fun day & she really put me at ease in front of the camera. I’ll definitely recommend her to all my friends.—Sook


“I hired Jade to take photos for my online dating profiles. Before our scheduled time, Jade gave me some terrific pointers on what kind of clothes to wear for the shoot. We discussed which types of shots would work best to show my personality so it would show through in the pictures. We took a variety of photos inside and out at different locations. Jade has a great ability to make the shoot fun and enjoyable so you appear relaxed and confident in the pictures.

When I got the pictures back I was very impressed. I do not photograph well yet Jade was able to make me look sharp in the photos. A couple of the pictures were truly outstanding, even my friends thought they were great.”— Mark


I had the opportunity to work with Jade for my headshot and it turned out fabulous! She had gorgeous backdrops that complimented my skin. She is super down-to-earth and is great to have conversations with. Jade is also highly professional in communicating with you and walking you step by step through the process. —Fanny


Jade is such a pleasure to work with. She is warm, professional, and understanding.

I needed a professional headshot for my job ASAP, she was able to take me in on really short notice, and agreed to meet on a Sunday. Before the session, she took the time to discover my preferred background for the photo and suggested the perfect location for that background. During the photoshoot, she provided useful insights on how to pose for the camera to make myself look graceful. Afterward, she worked with my tight schedule and delivered wonderful pictures within hours.—Maya


I have worked with many photographers before with varying levels of experience. I do however feel that Jade images really illustrate her higher education in fine arts – just gorgeous images.

Jade also responds to her emails promptly and clearly. There is no confusion about time/dates, locations or what you are paying for.—Gina


Very good at sensing what her clients need and can cater to them and make it fun. Definitely recommend her, a real professional.—Sagar


Jade is really fun to work with and she captures some amazing shots! I’m so happy I was able to find her. After Jade provided excellent new photos for my business, I immediately knew she was the right person to photograph my family. Our kids are a handful, but we now have photos to treasure for life. We will be calling Jade again. Thanks.—Nabil


Jade is a gem! She has a magical way of capturing individual personalities in her work. Jade gave me great advice on choosing the best social media photos to post online. I would absolutely recommend Jade (she’s a very sweet person as well!).—Ketzia


Jade was amazing and created some very natural-looking photos for my dating profile. She is a true professional photographer and an artist! We spent time before the shoot brainstorming about what I should wear and coordinating it with locations we were planning to shoot at. She had a lot of creative ideas and proposed different outfits and items to bring that really helped create unique photos. She put in a lot of time to make sure I’d have the best possible images. I love how patient, kind and creative Jade is!—Pete


It was an absolute pleasure to work with Jade. She is an extremely talented photographer–but more than that, a very emotionally intelligent one. She “got” me, in ways that no other photographer ever did. Whether it’s for photography or life coaching, I strongly recommend working with this talented and sensitive individual.—Carol


I am very camera shy and usually resist getting my pictures taken. But Jade was wonderful at putting me at ease: she’s friendly, has a great sense of humor and is so gifted. RJ


I’m so pleased with the photos Jade took for me! I contacted her looking for an online dating profile photographer and I’m SO happy I found her. Along with dating pics, we were able to get some really nice professional headshots. The end result of the photoshoot was so much more than I expected…High-end photos that I’m using for my LinkedIn headshot, Instagram, and also dating apps. Her patience and creativity made all the difference…Plus the photoshoot was actually really fun!—Kyle